About us

We are a one stop shop for over one hundred different E liquid brands from all over the globe with new e liquids added weekly. We also stock a huge range of Strong flavour concentrates and diy e liquid products as well as hundreds of vape hardware products to.

Our shipping is fast and tracked and available to over 180 countries worldwide.

We established in 2013 with our first website called saferciggie.co.uk. Our aim was to provide vaping products at discount prices due to the fact that at the time all vape products were ridiculously expensive.

Since opening our flavourclouds discount vape store we have searched high and low for the best e liquid brands and flavours from around the globe. We currently stock over 100 different brands of e liquid and this continues to grow week on week.

Our store will continue to grow and add products based on their quality and value for money and available all in one single place.